HWBOT World Tour 2017, Poitiers – 2017: Event Schedule Confirmed


The HWBOT World Tour website has just published a blog outlining the full schedule for the Poitiers 2017 event that will take place at Gamers Assembly in just over a week from now. Here’s a sample of the details that have now emerged:
“As we edge closer and closer to the next leg of the HWBOT Tour at Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France, event details are starting to become clearer. Today we can confirm a detailed schedule of all the activities for the event including the Overclocking workshops and contests that will span four days.”

Poitiers – 2017: Gamers Assembly – Event Schedule

Friday April 14

-6pm – Doors open. Overclockers are allowed to setup on the overclocking area (Hall A next to the bar).

-Freestyle overclocking allowed with access to LN2 non stop.
Saturday April 15

-10am to 8pm – Overclocking workshops will take place in the Exhibitor Area

-Free style overclocking with LN2 all day
Sunday April 16

-10am 10am to 8pm – Overclocking workshops will take place in the Exhibitor Area

-Free style overclocking with LN2 all day

-1pm to 4pm – OCWC Poitiers 2017 Qualifiers (All vs All qualifier segment)
Monday April 17

-10am – Free style overclocking with LN2 ends

-8:30am to 4pm – OCWC Poitiers 2017 (1v1 finals) and Ambient Overclocking Finals (Note: This will take place in the Exhibitor Area. Finalists should have their system insulated and ready to go.)

Read the full detailed schedule here on the HWBOT World Tour website and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the HWBOT World Tour below.

HWBOT Announces The ASUS ROG Camp 2016


Today we are pleased to announce the return of the ASUS ROG Camp in 2016. The idea behind the ROG Camp is give overclockers with little or no experience of extreme sub-zero competitive overclocking a chance to get up to speed. An online qualification contest will be followed by eight overclocker attending a day-long LN2 workshop, followed by a day of competitive extreme overclocking.

As an extra incentive, the winner of the ASUS ROG Camp 2016 will be awarded with a ticket to compete at the HWBOT World Championship 2016

The ROG Camp 2016 is sponsored by ASUS, Der8auer ECC and Apacer and will hosted in conjunction with HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS. The event will be held at Caseking in Berlin, Germany on December 2nd and 3rd with select Apprentice, Enthusiast, Novice and Rookie overclockers invited to learn the art of sub-zero Overclocking from respected German overclocker der8auer.


An online overclocking competition will held on OC-ESPORTS to determine the eight overclockers that are invited to the ROG Camp in December. The contest will consist of five stages and is open all Apprentice, Enthusiast, Novice and Rookie overclockers from the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Overclockers don’t have to submit in all five stages. The best scores from three stages will count towards the final score. The top eight will qualify for the ROG Camp 2016. Competing overclockers must never have used LN2 before (dry ice and single stage is OK). Processor cooling for the contest is limited to Air (Stock), Air (Custom), Water (Custom), AIO Water.

Visit the ROG Camp 2016 Qualifier contest page on OC-ESPORTS here for more details: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/asus_rogcamp16_qual


The ROG Camp 2016 online qualifier will also offer an ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 as a lucky draw prize. All participants will be entered in the lucky draw.



The top eight qualifiers from the ROG Qualification contest will be invited to learn and compete at the ASUS ROG Camp, hosted at Caseking headquarters in Berlin. Accommodation expenses for one night, plus expenses at the event will be covered by ASUS (note: travel expenses to the event will not be covered). The ROG Camp will be held over two days and include the following:

Day 1 – The eight qualifiers will be treated to a comprehensive workshop about extreme, sub-zero overclocking, specifically using LN2. Highly experienced Elite overclocker der8auer will teach Camp attendees all the skill and techniques needed to be a competitive extreme overclocker.

Day 2 – Qualifiers will compete head on across three stages in a live contest to decide who the winner of the ROG Camp 2016.

More details about the ROG Camp 2016 can be found here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/asus_rogcamp16_qual/

And We Have a New World Number 1 Overclocker…


Yes, you read the title correctly. The Dancop have been thrown off the top spot at HWBot by potentially the only man who could, Xtreme Addict or to people who know him, Michal Vobozil. This native Polish extreme overclocker is obviously very talented, but a rack of solid submissions using the Intel i7 6700k Skylake chip and the card which helped push him over the threshold, the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

capture-2 capture

Even more remarkably, he didn’t have to use the favoured NVIDIA Titan X Pascal card which many overclockers have been taking advantage of over the last month or so to boost rankings. This makes the achievement even more impressive as the top of the pack is starting to look more and more competitive as each month goes by.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Xtreme Addict and hope to see how things shape up for the HWBot World Tour Finals 2016 in Berlin which takes place in December!

Overclocking Events in The UK – New Venue Needed


Following on from the UKs first dedicated overclocking event in the UK, due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue used for the last event is no longer an option. This is because the venue (The Portal in Sheffield) isn’t actually a venue anymore and has ceased to operate entirely. The simple fact is, we waited around 9 months for the venue to open its doors again, but as many have pointed out in the UK scene, people aren’t willing to wait any longer!

What this means for the UK overclocking scene is for these events to continue within the UK, we will need to find another venue which can not only accommodate us but also provide all the facilities which will and may be needed.

Obviously, the scene in the UK has waited long enough, so we will do our best to not only source a new venue but make sure it ticks as many of the required boxes as possible such as 24-hour access, internet access for live streaming and of course, is suitably located.

If anyone has any suggestions as to the location of a new venue in the UK, one that could accommodate an event like this, or has any suggestion at all, please leave a comment on this article; it would be greatly appreciated! You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the page!

Thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time.

Xtreme Addict Releases A New Memory Overclocking Guide for ASUS Maximus VIII Motherboards


The worlds current number 2 extreme overclocker and all-around outspoken guy Xtreme Addict has created a brand new guide for those specifically for overclocking Samsungs B die memory on the ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII range of motherboards.

“BIN MOTHERBOARD! I binned overall 10x M8E and with Uncle Mad around 15x M8I. Board matters, believe me even though IMC is inside CPU. IT WAS SAME WITH MANY VENDORS AND MANY GENERATIONS. JUST ESPECIALLY NOW IT’S MORE VISIBLE AND CLEAR THAT WE HAVE TO BIN BOARDS. It’s not possible to get exactly same motherboard PCB, each PCB differs inside, copper layers which produce signals and so on. Those are very small and subtle differences, but influence OC potential a lot.”

“Note that mostly after LN2 benching, many motherboards degrade. Sadly but small sockets (BGA balls and traces under the socket) are very sensitive for full pot, especially fast temperature changes. That’s why in Asus Shamino’s/Elmor’s Z170 guide we can find tips to slowly cool down CPU in order to preserve socket. Some motherboards are “RAMBO” edition, some sadly will degrade. For degraded boards you can try to clean socket + DIMMs with aceton and dry motherboard for a very long time.”

For the full guide, you can visit his thread on HWBot here – http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=161483

SuperPi 32M & PiFast World records beaten by a 7GHz 6700K


Uploading these world records… someone has to do it.



The newly created account amassed a large 321 Points in these 2 Submissions, the highest point to submission ratio of any account!

New World Record With DDR4 Memory; 5GHz Achieved on The MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC


If you haven’t been following memory overclocking recently or you haven’t been following overclocking in general, a great achievement in the world of overclocking was achieved yesterday.


Extreme overclocker Toppc who hails from Taiwan managed to not only achieve a world record but became the world’s 1st to reach 5GHz on DDR4 memory. It was only a matter of time before the barrier was broken, but what’s more surprising is the motherboard that was used to do so. Armed with an Intel Core i5 6600K and GSKill Trident Z, Toppc also had assistance from the MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC motherboard which may come as a shock to some.


Toppc is of course one of MSI’s stalwart sub-zero overclockers so it’s obvious that an MSI motherboard was used, but one that would be considered not as good as some others for overclocking taking the record certainly shows the salt of the parts the board uses; bravo!

It remains to be seen if Toppc can hold onto the DDR4 frequency world record for long as I know many of the worlds elite will be chomping at the bit to achieve 5GHz, but this doesn’t take anything away from him and us at Play3r congratulate Toppc on being the worlds first to reach 5GHz on DDR4; DDR4-5000 for those not entirely sure.

Link to submission – http://hwbot.org/submission/3223117_toppc_memory_clock_ddr4_sdram_2501.2_mhz?recalculate=true

HWBOT and CyberMedia Announce World Tour 2016 Partners at COMPUTEX


May 23th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – HWBOT, an organization regulating international Overclocking competitions and rankings along with its industry partner CyberMedia announces ZADAK511, Intel, AOC and Seasonic as official sponsors for the HWBOT World Tour at COMPUTEX 2016.

CyberMedia and HWBOT have worked closely over the past few months to bring the biggest Overclocking event to this year’s COMPUTEX.  TAITRA, the title sponsor has worked closely with CyberMedia for many years and was the first to come on board, followed by ZADAK511, Intel, AOC and Seasonic.

The HWBOT Overclocking World Tour Series provides an exciting and interactive platform for the sponsors to showcase new products at the booth.  An opening press conference for worldwide media will be held by CyberMedia to kick the event off with the latest product launches by all the sponsors.

Event Sponsors



ZADAK511 makers of high-performance flash memory and storage solutions is pleased to be part of this event to demonstrate the performance and bleeding-edge design of the new SHIELD RGB LED series of SSD and DDR4 memory module.

“ZADAK511 products are symbolic of the needs of having excellent performance but still make it look good. The SHIELD line of products offer excellent performance giving maniacs the power to choose both power and style without compromise.” commented ZACKARY, Founder of ZADAK 511.

Overclocking is a quest for performance and ZADAK511 delivers that performance by providing products that performs fast out-of-the-box, complimenting a high performance system whilst still allowing itself to stretch even further.



Intel is focused on expanding the boundaries of technology to make the most amazing experiences possible. For years Intel has offered several different unlocked processor options within the Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme Edition family and high end desktop platforms for the community of enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge of pushing their system to the limit.

“Intel has long been a supporter of PC enthusiasts and an active member of the Overclocking community,” said Frank Soqui, General Manager, Enthusiast Desktop Group, Intel Corporation. “We’re excited to be a part of the HWBOT World Tour and to see the level of performance overclockers can reach with our unlocked Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors.”



AOC, a world-renowned manufacturer of monitors and display solutions will be showcasing its new line of monitors under the AOC Gaming (AGON) line-up.  The booth will be equipped with AOC’s monitors providing Overclockers with the best performance and visual experience.

“We believe that the exquisite gaming display by AOC monitors will not only help demonstrate the graphical performance benefits of Overclocking but also give it life in a visual way. They are both an art form in their own rights.” Commented Kevin Wu,   General Manager, APMEA & India of AOC.



More than four decades of leadership in design has made Seasonic a market leader in the manufacturing of premium quality power supplies. During its long history, Seasonic has always pushed the envelope in using cutting edge technologies, rigorous production processes and carefully selected materials to manufacture top quality products.

“High performance Seasonic power supplies are widely used by overclockers, as they are stable, reliable and output clean and efficient power. It was a natural choice for Seasonic to team up with HWBOT, the leader of the worldwide Overclocking community, to further push the absolute performance limits of computer hardware and set new records,” commented Nils Stallmach, EU Channel Manager, Seasonic Electronics.

Press Conference

Witness all the action first-hand as you’re invited to experience the biggest Overclocking event of the year live. RSVP to the HWBOT Overclocking World Tour and join us at May 31st at Nangang 4th floor to see all the new product from our event sponsors.

Time and Location

Date: May 31st, 2016
Registration: 10:30am
Event: 11am – 12pm
Location: Nangang 4F Light Gallery (Area L Lobby)

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